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Apply for Pre-Qualification in Barstow, CA.

Before you decide on which vehicle you will buy, it helps to know how much you can afford. Fortunately, the financial advisors at Mojave Auto Group are here to assist you. We provide pre-qualification services at our finance center in Barstow, California. Just send the application over to us through our site, and we will correspond with local lenders to find out how much you are potentially eligible for when you sign up for an auto loan. This information will make shopping for a new car much easier for our customers from Hesperia, Victorville, and Apple Valley.

What Does It Mean to Get Pre-Qualified?

Pre-qualification is the first step of the auto financing process. The application requires you to present records about your income, assets, and debt. This will enable lenders to get a basic overview of your financial background and determine the amount you can receive through a car loan.

How Can Pre-Qualification Help Me?

The results from your pre-qualification is useful for figuring out your preliminary budget. That way, you do not shop for a vehicle with a price that exceeds your means. During this time, you can also consult with our representatives about a financial plan that will suit your personal situation best.

Other Benefits of Pre-Qualification

For your convenience, you can apply for pre-qualification right online! This will prepare you for the final stages of your financing and save you time. Additionally, this service is offered at no cost to you so that you save more money, too! Furthermore, our form is encrypted to ensure that your information is safe with us.

Contact the Mojave Auto Group Finance Center

When you pre-qualify, keep in mind that your credit score has yet to be taken into account. As such, you will have to apply for pre-approval next. Thankfully, you do not have face the financial procedure alone. Contact the financial representatives at our Barstow dealership today, and they will be happy to guide you through the procedure.