Exciting All-New Toyota Corolla Safety Features

In an effort to make certain that car buyers are getting the most for their money, the staff at Mojave Auto Group wanted to pass along a few of the safety features in the all-new Toyota Corolla that make this one of the more popular compact cars on the road.

One of the unique ways that the all-new Toyota Corolla is keeping you safe on the highway is with the Adaptive Cruise Control feature. This system utilizes forward mounted sensors to tag a lead car and create a buffer so that this safe distance is maintained by accelerating or braking automatically.

As you begin to drive the new Toyota Corolla down the highway, you'll appreciate the fact this vehicle uses Lane-Keeping System radar technology to monitor your position on the road. If your vehicle drifts from the lane, the steering wheel begins vibrating in an effort to get the driver to take action before an accident.



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