The Nissan 370Z Roadster: Built for Dynamic Driving

Our team here at Mojave Auto Group is excited to introduce you to the new Nissan 370Z Roadster. This highly sought-after sports car is now available to drivers. It's expertly engineered from the frame up to have better handling around curves.

The frame has a unique design. Most cars utilize a 50/50 design. Essentially, the weight of the various components is spread evenly throughout the body of the car. However, the 370Z Roadster has a 55/45 balance ratio. The engine is installed a bit further back behind the front axle. Not only that, but the wheels are spread out so that they're closer to the corners.

With this design, the 370Z Roadster is better-equipped to handle curves. During acceleration, the weight is shifted to resemble a more traditional balance. This unique balance change improves wheel contact on the road and makes the acceleration process feel more controlled. It can also provide you with more speed during turns.



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