What You Need to Know About Your Vehicle's Transfer Case

Vehicles with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive put in the extra effort for their divers, but sometimes that takes its toll. If your vehicle is having trouble shifting into or out of four-wheel drive mode, it may be time to have the transfer case replaced.

The transfer case is a unique gearbox that transfers powers between front and rear axles, allowing drivers to better leverage the strengths of both when dealing with uneven or slippery terrain. But like any component in a car or truck, it wears down over time. Manufacturers recommend checking and replacing old fluid on a regular basis to prevent erosion or decreased efficiency in the transfer case.

If you're worried that your transfer case isn't working like it should or you're due for your next checkup, the technicians here at the Mojave Auto Group want to help. Stop by our service department in Barstow, CA today to get your transfer case taken care of.

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